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We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Service

Chesapeake Plumbing and Heating Inc specializes in

Residential Construction including Fast Pace Housing Developments such as townhomes or apartments

Residential Construction including high end single family homes

Commercial Construction including Restaurants, Medical Offices, Utility Construction


Chesapeake Plumbing and Heating can help builders and commercial companies meet a variety of needs. Click Here to see a list of some of our clients.


We can help your town or local government by replacing valves 4"-12" without shutting off water to the main pipe to the town

Call (302)732-6006 for More Builder Information or Click Here


We specialize in Restaurant Plumbing and Heating. A few of the Restaurants we are working on include McDonalds, Subway, Lazy Lizard, and the Twining Lobster Shanty